In Pictures: Community Service Project in My Parents' Villages

        The following pictures tell the story of a collaborative community service project that my family friends and I discussed and undertook with the help of relatives, elders and officials to improve healthcare for schoolchildren and families in my parents' villages in India. My heartfelt gratitude to my close family friends Mrs. Rokkam Padma, Mr. Atchuta Varma, Mr. Rokkam Tata Rao Tatayya (Padma's father), Mrs. Rokkam Saraswati Ammamma (Padma's mother) and Raja (Padma's brother), for all their hard work and planning (they all did the bulk of the work), and also to my aunt Mrs. Pallikonda Janaki Amma, Panchayati President Mr. Ananda Rao, my father's childhood friend Dr. Bhimanna, and others who helped, in various ways, to make this beautiful, meaningful and wonderful community service project possible! It is an event that I will cherish for life.

Father's Village (at the elementary school that my father had attended, where Mr. Tata Rao and Mrs. Saraswati's daughter Padma was now teaching):

Mother's Village (at the church that Dr. Irene Leeser, a Christian missionary – and former Jew who escaped the Holocaust in Germany – built in addition to a women and children's hospital decades ago, which Mr. R. Tata Rao is now caretaker of; Mr. Tata Rao has also been offering free homeopathy medicines and treatment to villagers for the past several decades out of a room that he converted into a clinic inside his own home):

(The late Dr. Irene Leeser in 2012)

(Mr. Tata Rao's home with the free homeopathy clinic)

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